Writers Retreat

The Center’s Writers Retreat programs provide emerging and established writers with time, space and a surround of peace and quiet in which to work on new projects. The landscape of Provincetown brought so many of Mailer’s works to fruition over a period of 30 years, and inspired hundreds of resident and visiting artists since the turn of the last century.

Writers retreats (between one week and two months in duration) are offered in fall, winter and spring. Writers have access to the Mailer home’s living and dining areas, extensive libraries, and deck overlooking the Cape Cod Bay, in the historic town of Provincetown whose beautiful beaches, trails and dune are legendary. Writers on retreat reside in the Mailer home or in nearby condos.

The Norman Mailer Center currently offers a Labor Day Week Retreat (one week from September 1 to 8, 2012), and a Fall-Winter-Spring Retreat (between two weeks and two months) which continues until May 15, 2012 and will resume in October 2012.

 Labor Day Week Writers Retreat Program

The Norman Mailer Center and Writers Colony has established a week-long writers retreat program for emerging, mid-career and distinguished writers from September 1 through September 8, 2012. The Colony will select writers on a rolling basis, based on merit. These writers can work as they wish independently of outside influences with the support of the Colony’s summer staff.

Writers can choose to reside in the Mailer Home (in a single bedroom with private bath/shower, with shared kitchen privileges) or in a nearby condo (private or shared) with daytime access to the Mailer Home. A weeknight evening of discussion will bring together those attending the retreat with other writers and artists residing in Provincetown. All information pertaining to this retreat program is contained in the application form below which can be downloaded for ease of reading and submission.


Can you waive the application fee?
The application fee allows us to process applications in accordance with the Center’s standards and requirements. In the future we hope to lower this amount, with the assistance of increased participation from our sponsors. Unfortunately, we cannot waive it at this time. We will be as generous in connecting writers to resources as we are able!

Does the application fee get included in the administrative fee if I am accepted?
No; these fees cover separate costs.

Do we offer scholarships to offset the costs of the Writers Retreat?
At this point we are not able to offer scholarships to offset the fee for the Writers Retreat Program. In the future we hope to have that ability.

Am I allowed to bring my pet?
Unfortunately, we are unable to welcome pets to the Mailer Home.

If I am traveling by airplane or bus, how can I arrange to arrive at the Mailer House?
You will be provided with a list of numbers for local car service companies. You will also receive information about bicycle rentals for transportation within Provincetown, if requested.

Am I able to do laundry on the premises?
Yes, there are laundry facilities in the house.

What supplies do I need to bring with me?
We supply all sheets and towels, toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, dish soap, hand soap, and laundry detergent. You should bring any additional toiletries such as shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving kit, etc. There is a fully equipped kitchen, including a coffee-maker, toaster, dishwasher, 6-burner gas range, and convection ovens. We also have bottled Poland Spring mineral water for your convenience.

Is there exercise equipment?
There are two gyms in town and a yoga studio. Our Site Manager, Guy Wolf, can make recommendations based on your specific needs.

How many other writers will be in the house?
There can be as many as two other writers in the house. It is also possible that you may be the only resident.

Do I have to share a bathroom?
Each room has its own bathroom.

Do I have to clean the room when I leave?
You do not. Housekeeping is part of the retreat package.

Are there cultural events, readings, exhibits, movies, etc. in the winter?
Guy Wolf will provide you with a list of cultural events upon arrival or direct you to appropriate websites. During your stay, he will also provide you with updates on happenings in Provincetown.

Is there parking?
There is private parking in front of the Mailer home. Town lots are free in the winter and most streets allow parking. Guy Wolf will inform you of any weather-related restrictions.

Do I have to bring my own printer?
The Colony has a work station with three computers, one Mac, and two P.C.s. We also have a basic copy machine, and a high-speed, one-sided printer. It is recommended that you bring a CD or flash drive to copy your work for printing. We provide paper.